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The Ultimate Quest

We look for the scent of love

The kind that leaves you feeling fresh

Long after that last touch

Not the kind that rubs

Splinters beneath your skin

Fragrant, showy, and bold

Petals gleam in the bright sun

We morph into what we must

To compliment one another

Pick me Pick me Pick me

We shout to the gardener

In hopes of being in the same vase

But will the showy violet aster

Shrivel to a thorny, bitter weed

Or maybe the simple dandelion

Will exceed all our expectations

Are the flowers that fold at dusk

Considered too weary to satisfy

Some blossoms open to the rain

And suck in every last droplet.

What will it take to complete us

Will we risk our own flesh

To find the fragrance of a lifetime

Writer’s Island Prompt: Quest



I am for another day

To live, love, and play


For family and many a friend

And adventures around every bend


For happiness, laughter, and fun

For the earth, moon, and sun


For the green grass that tickles my feet

For being able to start over upon defeat


For rocks, trees, and sand

For the beauty of the land


For all gifts He provides

For rewards when time abides


For this life given to me

To strive for all I can be


Writer’s Island Prompt: Gratitude


She has no partner

For she rules the worlds of all

From royalty to common folk

She watches from dawn til dusk

And every hour settled between

She calls forth with each new day

Whispering, echoing from beyond

With a tantalizing dance of eternity

But she can not be bought

She may appear to favor

Some more than others

But in the end

One by one

She takes us all

Prompt is “Peerless”.

The Scribbler

Oh, how I try

One word at a time

Deleting and replacing

Until I get it just so, and

I rewrite it at least once more

Then I string a sentence with another

and another until I complete a paragraph

A comma here and a period there, so is grammar

Dropping adverbs and adjectives for concrete verbs and nouns

I sling around words of interest, forming poems inside my head

Then I delete sentences and paragraphs of self doubt

I moan, groan, and struggle as I fights ideas

And wonder if I make any sense at all

And some days the words never come

A blank page is the worst pain

Any expression is better than none

I try and I try as I may someday

Become more than a scribbler

A writer of intent, of reflection.

Of words that touch, soothe,

Words that matter

Words of life

Oh, how I try

 Prompt is “Apprentice”.


Though she was in quite a pickle

To discover her man to be so fickle

 She did not know until almost at the alter

Strong woman she was could not falter

She sold that diamond from the ring

Silently replaced it with a fake stone

The marriage song the fat lady would sing

 But she planned to leave him all alone

After she made herself a private stash

And she diverted his hard earned cash

After she stole his fortune, honor, and life

…Oh, the vengeance of a two-timed wife

Prompt is “quandary”.

Coming Into The Light

I must submerge

In order to emerge

I go deep within in order

To bring authenticity to the surface

I am a digger and a diver and a flyer

I often mine for truths to share with the world

I used to keep them hidden for me alone

Now it is my offering, wanted or not,

I used to lurk beneath the shadows

Now I have chosen to live

I have risen from the void

But I am not afraid

To go back in


I know

I will



Photo is a Surreal image by Winification.

 Prompt is “Emerge”

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