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The Quake

creek off Pagan River in Smithfield


Rocks roll from the mountains,

moist with rebirth.

Hard, cold, and purposeful,

they carve a path through

a forest of resistance and fear.


Some days my words catch

in thickets of time as the pen

never touches paper and my thoughts

continue to spill into the ocean

like spent streams of raindrops.


My legs quiver as quartz tumbles

beneath my feet and we slide

against tree trunks ripping earth

from its roots to form

a world of our own.


Our mangled feathers drift in the wind

While we bury our ghosts beneath the sand

Wisps of passion continue to twist and bend

We can’t control what we don’t understand

For there will be more wounds we can not tend

These actions we take have not been planned

Words escape lips a bit too late and hearts rend

And still we both remain in no man’s land

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