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We Call Her The Breeze

A gentle motion slips into the still of morn as we inhale life.

A gentle motion
slips into the still of morn
as we inhale life.


Northwest River Park 050


Wind combs the tree’s hair,

scattering tresses upon

the salon floor of fall.

Songs Of Wind And Water


Trees curtsy while the

wind whispers to water’s edge

and sun-sprinkled rocks.

Water falls and flows,

releasing its song to air

for the world to hear.


Beauty is fragile

Ever drying in the wind

As time marches on

In Morning LIght

Scribbling Spiritual Sand

“My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning I will direct it to You, and I will look up.” Psalm 5:3

your heart lights our way
your voice is the breath of wind
we walk in your world

Night Storm


Wind ripped and howled like angry dogs

Rain pelted against skin and bone like diving wasps

searching for sweet nectar of wild honey suckle

within a shadowed landscape

Clouds shook hands and leaves danced

while the rest of us remained perplexed

as bitterness drifted out with the fog

The moon smirked at all that played beneath him

Short Spring Shower

Bursts of popcorn kernels scattered across the sky,

darkening as if it had been cooked too long.

The curtain fell, hiding the sun from us,

and with it came the tears pounding upon us.

The wind howled through the desolate pines,

hoping the cattails would join in the serenade.

Clouds danced, kissed and made up,

and the heavens smiled again.

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