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The Jewel


Sapphire and onyx

wrap across the earth’s surface

like a sparkling necklace.

Songs Of Wind And Water


Trees curtsy while the

wind whispers to water’s edge

and sun-sprinkled rocks.

Water falls and flows,

releasing its song to air

for the world to hear.

Hear Me!



Splash, crash, hum, and roar,

Over the rocks, against the shore,

Flowing to the core.

To those who listen

Nature’s water symphony

Creates a life song.

Nature’s Mirror


Fire floats upon the waters,

a silk which can’t be scorched

Gold glows into a caressing crimson

She waves hello?

She waves goodbye?

You know not what she says

So you simply inhale the mirror of life

Exhale, lest you breathe so deeply

you drown in her splendid secret

Romancing Dusk

Clouds burst into flames

Glowing upon the water

Sunset made for two

Around The Curve

A wrinkle in time

Reflecting travels of life

Dig deep and aim high


Worn, warped, and weathered,

We depend on Him to stand

So we walk with grace

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