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Mind Storm

Looking through a haze,

do we see what’s really there?

Are we in a daze?

Things get distorted,

they aren’t always as they seem.

Vision contorted.

Eyes are tricky tools,

showing us things that aren’t there.

Makes us into fools.


gone wild inside our heads,

our own creation.

When the fog fades out

the monsters run for cover.

We are left in doubt.

A Dream Of Possibility

I dream a dream

Where time is softened

By clouds of truth

Where love trickles

Like pure mountain springs

And infinite beauty

Is measured in hearts

I dream a dream

Where time is not hurried

But whispers in grace

Where peace is a staple

Of our daily intake

And forgiveness is not doled

Out on a conditional basis

I dream a dream

Where happiness can run

Fast and free like the wind

Where the tears of earth

Will cleanse all wrongs

And love’s tender kiss

Will touch us all

I dream a dream


 Prompt is Dreams, Visions, and Reveries…

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