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The Sower

The Sower – Vincent Van Gogh

He tossed seeds day and night

Everywhere he went, to all he met

Never accusing them wrong or right

He gave freely, never incurring debt


Yet, his seed packet never emptied

He always managed to pull more out

Those who had it all, he never envied

He just did good, never seeking clout


Many a day he pat a stray dog’s head

and listened to frustrations of a friend

He took time with family to break the bread

His tools or labor to all he would lend


He offered car rides to those who needed

And smiled at the children in the park

He gave a handshake or hug to all he greeted

And worked at home well into the dark


He gave money to the homeless on the street

And encouraged those whose spirits were down

He was a man who never accepted defeat

And upon his face was never once a frown


Everywhere perchance he dropped a seed

Blossoms of all colors began to grow

Whether it kindness or honesty in need

Love took root wherever he sowed

The Long Way Home

A Road at Saint-Remy with Female Figure – Van Gogh

Sometimes the long way

Home after a hard day

Gives us a fresh mind’s eye

And the stamina to try

To make a better tomorrow

And drop yesterday’s sorrow

Each step upon the long way home

Is an opportunity for heart to roam

A time to reflect gratitude

And adjust the attitude

Before walking in the door

And regretting words forevermore

Holding On And Holding It In

Peasant Woman Seated (Half-Figure) – Van Gogh

A look of disdain

Smeared across her face

As if the narrows of trust

Had skinned her living soul

Was she used or abused

Tired, weary, or just plain sad

Lips stretched in pain

Will she ever speak her case

Or do as in that day she must

Was she simply hungry or cold

A woman worn and torn

Letting go the dreams she had

Of Blood And Wine

The Red Vineyard - Vincent Van Gogh


Grapes of wrath

Passion on the vine

Scarlet hues of life

Appetite of blood and wine

A final draw that determines

What is yours and what is mine

We lift our glasses to toast to the red

Which we have stomped not in vain

We boast of desires and escapades

That sometimes result in pain

But we must remember

That both




Will leave a stain

Sometimes for eternity

entry for One Shot Wednesday.

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