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Be The Peace


Roots that hold you up,

arms that stretch across divides,

a heart that unites

those once divided

is such as a tree of life

in this world of ours.



by a double-edged sword of truth,

you stand in the midst of tomorrow

while she hangs in the shadows of yesterday.

Your truth bares a shudder of fragile bones,

her innate fear of life’s prowling anger.

You juggle her wailing ego against dashing dreams,

spinning and sinking in darkness.

She stifles the infinite messages of petrified wood

as you struggle to spill them onto the sand.

She hides her fears behind nomadic gleams

of beads, baubles, and bright scarves

while you dive naked and headfirst into ocean’s roar.

You both bleed regrets into ordinary silences

rushing to catch the ranting swells of time.

Holding hands, trample into the barefoot night

and wrestle with the grace of dawn:

together you might catch a falling star.

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