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Fall leaves 2012 080


When I’m out of tune,

like a broken radio,

static rules my life.

Not knowing the outcome

weighs my chest, reducing me

to a pile of junk.


It’s All In The Not Knowing

Agony stomps circles

Around the not knowing

The bitter sharpness

Between crushed shells of yesterday

And the sands of tomorrow flash

Before your eyes and threaten to blow out

In an icy gust of timeless confusion

The crater in your stomach pounds it’s fists

Against the falsehoods and visions in your head

It’s the uncertainty that brings you to your knees

And ultimately kills the soul if the answer doesn’t come

It’s all in the not knowing that silently

Steals the night from beneath your pillow

Bones of courage shatter and scatter

Like broken glass, remnants pierce marrow and matter

In the meantime, you pace the hallway of what-ifs

And search the recesses of time gone by

All in hopes of foretelling a good future

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