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route 56

Heaven’s sparkling dust

lights a path in dark of dusk,

guiding ways of trust.

Beginning Of The End

snow in Montebello 052


Promises break like limbs in the wind

And fall as hard as snowflakes

Trust becomes tattered lace

Flowing like a frozen river

Between you and me

The Way

Responsible Living

Starts with Self

Develops Trust

Requires Courage

Promotes Forgiveness

Removes Guilt

Focuses on Love

Abides by Peace

Endures by Faith

Continues through Hope

Results in Happiness

Portal of Hearts

Compassion sees through the portals of hearts

Without ever even looking

To know what waits beyond the fence post hole

Is the depth of love

To accept whatever is there is grace

To exist when the fence rots is trust

The compass of truth points the way

Can one truly live without love, grace, and trust?



by a double-edged sword of truth,

you stand in the midst of tomorrow

while she hangs in the shadows of yesterday.

Your truth bares a shudder of fragile bones,

her innate fear of life’s prowling anger.

You juggle her wailing ego against dashing dreams,

spinning and sinking in darkness.

She stifles the infinite messages of petrified wood

as you struggle to spill them onto the sand.

She hides her fears behind nomadic gleams

of beads, baubles, and bright scarves

while you dive naked and headfirst into ocean’s roar.

You both bleed regrets into ordinary silences

rushing to catch the ranting swells of time.

Holding hands, trample into the barefoot night

and wrestle with the grace of dawn:

together you might catch a falling star.

The Now

You smile and go

about your day

while no one knows.

Fear puffs you

into a parachute that never lands

because love sends you searching

for answers you can’t understand.

Such a fine line between life and death,

yet here you are…trusting.

Tears reside below your eyes

and dance across your soul.

Pain sits on your stomach,

hard and lumpy,

like a bowl of oatmeal

turned cold.

Heavy and wasted,

you measure yourself out again.


The River

Swift and Impetuous

Never running empty

Ravaging the banks

And flooding the valleys

Watermark and scattered debris,

The only visible evidence of indiscretion

Souls deluged by the hurricane

Of an insatiable man, resting his case on freedom,

Will build jetties around their hearts

Prompt: Free(dom)

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