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A Rung On The Ladder Of Life

Hermitage Gardens 035

Fairies stop and rest

Quenching their thirst as they rise

To heights in the sky

Life’s Compass

Hermitage Gardens 034

How do I get there?

Jagged finger points the way

From the ground to sky

The Dance

Northwest River Park 014

Swinging in the breeze

The leaf hangs to its life source

While the tree spreads roots

Eating through the ground

When the leaf swallows the tree

We will cease to breathe

Dreamy Sky

Arms hang, fingers bend

As clouds float just out of reach

Pond of nature’s dreams

Good Morning!

Stretching and reaching

simply a yawn in the sky

waking to the world


Nesting in the sky

Hanging on the edge of time

Living life on high

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