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Death Rattle


Coffee pot gurgle

vibrates through this old house.

Death waits at the door.




When night and day

are but a swirl of dark and light,

When only wind whispers time

and stars are blinks of an eye,

dew rises to quench the thirst

of life as the end begins anew.




Purple tendril cloud

lifts from the lush bed of green

into winds of change


Tumbling like a glass off the edge of a table,

Spilling, spilling, spilling

No thunder rolls, no lightening flashes

No warning of tears that pour like rain

Wetting the skin, soaking the soul

Drilling, drilling, drilling

Through flesh and bone to the core of the heart,

Releasing silence into gasps and groans

Until breath comes once again

Dripping, dripping, dripping

Washing away all that is not you

As you learn to drink your own tears

Watering the seed ready to bloom within your soul

Glistening, glistening, glistening

Sun is breaking through the clouds

Tears you’ve wiped become diamonds in your hand

Listening, listening, listening

You feel a tug and hear the words within

It is your voice…speak!

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