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IMG_0334 1

When the sun dances

the colors come out to play

and the swamp rejoices.

Mirror Image

First Landing 005


What the water sees

is the hairy, wrinkled skin

of old men Cypress

down upon their knees

looking for the youth of time

who now are bent trees.

Marsh Tales

First Landing 016

Knobby knees of swamp

Emerge to tell the story

Of land, sea, and time

Water’s Glimmer

First Landing 050

A white shadow walks

on water to tail the grace

of a feathered friend


cypress knees lurking

stealing the swamp, bit by bit

as it walks away


a bit unruly

with it’s wild and rampant ways

invading the marsh



tickle in the wind

sweeping all troubles away

in one feather stroke

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