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In all the days

I could not be

I did not realize

when living in a haze

my spirit will not free

therefore, my mind tells lies.

Beyond a mind that strays

I find the heart of me

who both laughs and cries.

In all the ways

I cannot see

I’ve found my heart has eyes.


A burst of beauty among daily thorns of life is a welcome smile.

A burst of beauty
among daily thorns of life
is a welcome smile.

Fire on the Mountain

All is calm in the cool well of the valley

Flames flicker over the hills,

Blazing into the sky

Yet there is no safety…

Beauty rages

Lady In Waiting

Dropping her skirts over the seat of the chair,

she lifts her chin high into the air.

Gardenia fans her petals in the heat

faking she hasn’t a care

whether or not he will dare.

She simply taps her petals to the beat

as she slings back her coiffed hair.


Summer Storm Serenade

tree limbs hummed and strummed

a forgotten melody

while leaves jitterbugged to and fro

 ever fresh scent of reckoning

clouds clapped and tapped

begging for more

encore encore

a rumble and the sun hid behind

the power of clouds as

lightening zapped midair

and a chill prickled my arms

pitter patter splat splat

rain joined the symphony of wind

lightening struck a final chord

no encore tonight

dancers bowed and bid goodnight

drip drop the curtain fell

all drifted into the lull of dark

flowered and empowered

they slept til morn

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