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Children Of The Sky



Ripping through the sky

like angry little children

running through the house,

clouds will have their way

until the tantrum is done.

Then it’s time to play.

Summer Storm Serenade

tree limbs hummed and strummed

a forgotten melody

while leaves jitterbugged to and fro

 ever fresh scent of reckoning

clouds clapped and tapped

begging for more

encore encore

a rumble and the sun hid behind

the power of clouds as

lightening zapped midair

and a chill prickled my arms

pitter patter splat splat

rain joined the symphony of wind

lightening struck a final chord

no encore tonight

dancers bowed and bid goodnight

drip drop the curtain fell

all drifted into the lull of dark

flowered and empowered

they slept til morn


While the world sleeps,

she slings her cares across her shoulder

like a long-handled purse and tiptoes into the night.

She has buried her secrets in the bottom of her soul.

No relics of a distant past engraved upon her face,

unspoken hunger drives her to the place

where patches of moss soften the earth

and paradise is called a tree, though she questions

the lingering bitter scent of its leaves.

Every night when the storm screams,

she beseeches the heavens for confidence.

Thunder rips through her ragged bones,

while a low swirling wind invites her to dance.

Her shuddering wanes to gentle swaying.

After all, lightening speaks well of her

even though the stars say nothing at all.

She wonders if the moon is broken

…for it does not shine a path for her.

Still she knows for sure she will never wither

into the grave she once dug for herself.

Night Storm


Wind ripped and howled like angry dogs

Rain pelted against skin and bone like diving wasps

searching for sweet nectar of wild honey suckle

within a shadowed landscape

Clouds shook hands and leaves danced

while the rest of us remained perplexed

as bitterness drifted out with the fog

The moon smirked at all that played beneath him

Mind Storm

Looking through a haze,

do we see what’s really there?

Are we in a daze?

Things get distorted,

they aren’t always as they seem.

Vision contorted.

Eyes are tricky tools,

showing us things that aren’t there.

Makes us into fools.


gone wild inside our heads,

our own creation.

When the fog fades out

the monsters run for cover.

We are left in doubt.

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