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Tears are the flux of

sorrow contained within walls

built by human love.

When the walls fall down

and we join our hands in hope,

we learn to rejoice.

Taste Of Sorrow

I have felt sorrow

with it’s threatening claws

ripping me to shreds and swallowing

one bite at a time

I have felt the weight, like swamp sludge,

pinning my arms and legs,

til I am aware of nothing

but the pounding of my heart

My heart drums like a woodpecker

Tap, tap, tap, echoing

through a forest of toppled trees

Sorrow tastes like hard bitter persimmons

Just a touch to the tongue,

drawing my lips and cringing my spirit

to where water doesn’t soothe but swells

Sorrow crashes upon the soul like a car wreck

and stalls like a weather front

until the heart decides to live again

When the pitter of gentle rains loosens

the stronghold, you emerge renewed –

For you have learned to bend

like the arc of a rainbow

When you rise and meet the blue of sky

be sure to claim every color

under the shining sun

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