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Into The Milky Way

Lighthouse Milkyway

Tonight’s stargazer

might be tomorrow’s sunshine

or the next night’s moon



Tassels stretch to reach

an azure sky of rolling

clouds which briefly meet.


Breakfast Smithfield 12-12 005


Cotton candy clouds

dance high above the tree tops,

bowing to the night.

Mystical Morning



Clouds rolling over

Mountains as mist settles in

The valleys of time

Mother Of Blue

delphenium 004

On the hem of clouds

Mother Sky guides her children

from bath to cradle.

Life’s Compass

Hermitage Gardens 034

How do I get there?

Jagged finger points the way

From the ground to sky

What Does It Matter?

Northwest River Park 021

A drop from the sky

Or reflection in the pond,

The splendor lives on

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