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Water In The Woods

Northwest River Park 011

When the heavens spoke

the trees listened to the words

drifting in the wind

Hearts of universe,

they cried a river of tears

through nature’s forest

Nature’s Mirror


Fire floats upon the waters,

a silk which can’t be scorched

Gold glows into a caressing crimson

She waves hello?

She waves goodbye?

You know not what she says

So you simply inhale the mirror of life

Exhale, lest you breathe so deeply

you drown in her splendid secret

Around The Curve

A wrinkle in time

Reflecting travels of life

Dig deep and aim high


When I was a young girl,

I wondered what the world could offer me.

I dreamed and ventured forward

Thinking about what I could get not give.

I looked in the mirror

And all I saw looking back was me.

It was me showing imperfections only skin deep,

Reflections of nothing more than my appearance.

The image was all about me, nothing more.

Somewhere along my journey I stumbled

A time or two, and when I did I noticed

The world looking back at me.

It looked at me with pleading eyes

Wondering what I might choose to give.

Though I still falter and I fall,

I try to reach out and touch the world

In one small way or another.

Life seems to be baby steps for me.

But baby steps lead to giant leaps,

And maybe someday I’ll make a difference.

I hope someday to look upon the waters

Of my life and see colors of the rainbow

Reflecting those I touched by offering me.

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