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Taste Of Sorrow

I have felt sorrow

with it’s threatening claws

ripping me to shreds and swallowing

one bite at a time

I have felt the weight, like swamp sludge,

pinning my arms and legs,

til I am aware of nothing

but the pounding of my heart

My heart drums like a woodpecker

Tap, tap, tap, echoing

through a forest of toppled trees

Sorrow tastes like hard bitter persimmons

Just a touch to the tongue,

drawing my lips and cringing my spirit

to where water doesn’t soothe but swells

Sorrow crashes upon the soul like a car wreck

and stalls like a weather front

until the heart decides to live again

When the pitter of gentle rains loosens

the stronghold, you emerge renewed –

For you have learned to bend

like the arc of a rainbow

When you rise and meet the blue of sky

be sure to claim every color

under the shining sun


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