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Sunlight and water

quiets the chaotic soul

of a shadowed life

Quiet Moments

Whispers in the wind,

a tickle on our souls,

dance shore to shore,

across swirling ocean waves

Silent nuances skirt over

mountain tops and settle valley low

Whispers become echoes

as they bounce from canyon walls

riding the desert sun

across scorching sands of time

Dusk sweeps the whispers

to the convoy of the moon

We gaze upon twinkled dreams

til they shoot across the heavens,

sending us whispers in the wind

Only In The Silence

Only in the silence

do I hear that faint whisper,

the one that hums

beneath the roar of the river,

the one that strums

between the rustles of the wind.

Only in the silence

do I feel that gentle nudge,

the one that tugs

at the wings of my soul,

the one that hugs

around the beating of my heart.

Only in the silence

do I see that dream,

the one that hides

in the dark hours of the night,

the one that resides

in the marrow of my bones.

Only in the silence

do I taste the miracle,

the one that lives

in the ancient salt of unshed tears,

the one that gives

when there is nothing left inside.

Only in the silence

do I smell the hope,

the one that lifts

the fallen man with steps,

the one that gifts

the thirsty with living water.

Only in the silence

am I awakened to the sacred.

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