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Wasting Away

She advances to go, collects the 200 bucks times two.

She grabs hers and without remorse what belongs to you.

You are a puppet who panders to her most selfish desires.

You are the caretaker that flames her egotistical fires.

You shuffle through your days like a deck of cards.

She looks straight through invisible you, no regards.

She casts you aside until she needs another handout.

When in want, you will be the first to hear her shout.

You feel any part of her is better than none at all,

so you waste your days waiting for her to call.

You pretend you see her smile, anything to help you cope

as you reach for the warmth in the touch for which you hope

You go home alone and revel in your dreams.

Each day is closer, or so to you it seems.

Tomorrow is another day, to wish for love, to live.

Tomorrow is another day, to her you will give.

Three Word Wednesday Prompt: Advance, Pander, Shuffle

Son Of Man

Sandal trodden, he walked the dust of the road.

To spread the important message, he could not tarry.

He only rested long enough to lighten his load,

and on to deliver the words he was chosen to carry.


The people flocked to him and tagged along.

It was a reformation of the time, perhaps a revival.

To stand against ridicule, one had to be strong.

Perhaps, it was a matter of eternal survival.


Who was he? Was he a prophet or a preacher,

they wondered as his journey passed their way.

So many lessons learned from the great teacher.

They continue to argue his identity even today.


Three Word Wednesday Prompts: demise, effort, revival

Such effort he exerted, the One, the Son.

Did he have any idea or foresee his demise?

His role has been played; his job is done.

Still, we gather to hear his message in reprise.


His death was the plan, so that others may live.

Now the message is written for any to receive.

Every single life is blessed with love to give.

Each one has a choice whether or not to believe.


I slide into darkness

And wear it like a glove

Finger by finger

It melds into my soul

Until my heart does not exist

And I stop reaching for the light

I cling to the shadows for comfort

Knowing it is all that is left of me

And I am afraid of the dark

Prompt is “meld”.


When the light bulb flashes

In the dark cave of my head

I must resist the enlightenment

And pull the drapes tight

I have lived to

regret not thinking twice

Acting on impulse

Has turned a shortcut

Into a long and bumpy road

As damaging as

Words taken the wrong way

Or a small camp flame

That roars into a forest fire

And no one, especially me,

Wants to hear

“I told you so”

Sunday Scribbling’s Prompt is “Bright Idea”.

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