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The Witch Doctor

The rich and poor alike traveled from far and wide

to see the beady eyed man with a long hooked nose

Countless medical pills and ointments they had tried

before resorting to rituals, stones, and petals of rose

No one questioned, but heeded the old man’s advice

They chanted magic words or drank a special potion

They followed his instructions of animal sacrifice,

wore garlic poultices, or rubbed on an herbal lotion

Precise people science he claimed, strange for sure

The patient who had no gift to barter or money to pay

He looked them in the eye, touched them, gave a cure

And with a mighty handshake sent them on their way

The rich and poor alike traveled from far and wide

to see the beady eyed man with a long hooked nose

No antidote, they drank the tears that they cried

A few death chants, a burial ritual, old man in repose

Sunday Scribbling’s Prompt is Antidote.


Though she was in quite a pickle

To discover her man to be so fickle

 She did not know until almost at the alter

Strong woman she was could not falter

She sold that diamond from the ring

Silently replaced it with a fake stone

The marriage song the fat lady would sing

 But she planned to leave him all alone

After she made herself a private stash

And she diverted his hard earned cash

After she stole his fortune, honor, and life

…Oh, the vengeance of a two-timed wife

Prompt is “quandary”.

The Unwelling

Breath moist against my skin

Your words tickle my ears

And send a flutter through my heart

I rise and fall

With the ease of your air

Our fingers circle and clasp

Like the ring around the moon

Passion and emotion entwined

Love runs in underground springs

And surfaces long enough

To bloom the daffodils

Intense is memory

As if time placed you here now

Sunday Scribblings Prompt is “intense”.

Fancy This


You and me

A duo, A pair

So simple, the two of us

We love deeply and we live fully

We give and we take and compromise

Can you fancy this? No trickery, no lies,

No glitter, sequins, or flashing neon lights

No billboards or skywriting declarations

Wrap it in a bow and tie it if you must

Still, no sugar coated words will ever

 cross these lips of mine to yours

Nothing less than the best

Pure, sweet, and honest

Truth from me to

You, the one

That I love



Prompt is “Fancy”.

Coming Into The Light

I must submerge

In order to emerge

I go deep within in order

To bring authenticity to the surface

I am a digger and a diver and a flyer

I often mine for truths to share with the world

I used to keep them hidden for me alone

Now it is my offering, wanted or not,

I used to lurk beneath the shadows

Now I have chosen to live

I have risen from the void

But I am not afraid

To go back in


I know

I will



Photo is a Surreal image by Winification.

 Prompt is “Emerge”

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