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Under influence, the object of affection chooses destiny.

Under influence,
the object of affection
chooses destiny.



when the cool winds blow

through the valleys of your soul

and the rivers within have frozen

when you are ever still waiting

for that tangerine warmth to surface

the mountain tops and grace your shoulders

when you feel time is not on your side

as you hear the echo of every tick and every tock

and you can’t look in the mirror because

you know it is proof of what your life has become

what could you possibly do at this point

to lift yourself from this state of nonbeing

meet that cool wind with the heat of your breath,

the breath of your soul has the power to melt glaciers within

and though you are not aware of the rapids or ripples,

your reflection radiates with the sun shining

over your river that flows within

savor the ticks and the tocks, grasp every moment

and bask in that glow of orange

if you must shatter that glass and smile

see your lips stretch from piece to piece

and your eyes twinkle in possibility

turn and the colors change just as you forever will

because though you’ve never known

you are a beautiful magic mirror

in an ever turning world

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