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First Landing 054

Elements of life

eat the marrow from our bones,

leaving us weary.

Our strength endures as

we cling to the shores of life

and shine like stars.

The Scope Of Things

We refuse to settle

We step where needed

To get where we think we want to be

But are we missing what we have?

We climb and reach

And when we know we can’t make it

We claw for one more chance

We promise this time to give it our all

But this time will it be too late?

We grow frail

We break in the wind

We are tossed to the ground

We become the stepped-upon

From the earth we rise

To the earth we return

Who’s to say we really lived?

Temporary Insanity

Spinning backward

When life and love get hard

Vision distorts

The world appears out of sorts

Resting the soul

We begin to feel whole

Vision clears

Driving away our fears

Reality reappears

As Memory Returns

Brain speaks backwards

Smacking intention into the air

Frustration rears its ugly head

Brushes scrub furiously

While paste floats out to sea

Memory rides the roller-coaster

Dipping, turning, climbing…

We must remember

Breath is the gift

While time taps its drum

Cone Flower

Food for birds and bees

Mother Nature cares for all

Sugar of the Gods

Swirling fan of seeds

Purple petals majesty

Beauty to the eye


Tumbling like a glass off the edge of a table,

Spilling, spilling, spilling

No thunder rolls, no lightening flashes

No warning of tears that pour like rain

Wetting the skin, soaking the soul

Drilling, drilling, drilling

Through flesh and bone to the core of the heart,

Releasing silence into gasps and groans

Until breath comes once again

Dripping, dripping, dripping

Washing away all that is not you

As you learn to drink your own tears

Watering the seed ready to bloom within your soul

Glistening, glistening, glistening

Sun is breaking through the clouds

Tears you’ve wiped become diamonds in your hand

Listening, listening, listening

You feel a tug and hear the words within

It is your voice…speak!

Fruit of the Pine

So many wooden blossoms

On a single twig

Delight the squirrels

Sacred Moments

The wink of the clouds
as the sun emerges over the mountain tops
and the smile of the valley below
take my breath away.
Memory inks my essence
like a tattoo across the soul.
I taste life in the salt of the sea,
and I feel the power as I ride the current.
I am not only the wind of all that will be,
but I am the rain of all that has been.
As my breath enters and leaves,
I know that I am of this moment.
Hearing my name whispered in the rustle
of trees or gurgle of a stream
makes me aware that my God
is not in a box…He speaks to me
and to you if you listen for His call.

Final Days

Misty eyed and lumps in our throats,

we trudge along with our hearts in our stomachs.

Every ring of the phone stops us in our tracks,

afraid to answer, afraid not to, not wanting to know.

We remember. We laugh. We cry.

We know we all must die.

We either think too much or our minds are blank

as seconds turn to minutes and drift into hours.

Hour by hour the day finally ends,

and we are thankful it wasn’t today.

We toss. We turn. We weep.

We do what we can to sleep.

Days don’t erase the pain,

nor does pain numb the soul.

We do what we must. We carry on.

With or without us, time keeps ticking.

We live. We love. We feel.

This nightmare is all too real.

We will continue to laugh and cry,

and all in between until we die.

The Floor

Cancer ravages your body

like pounding rain,

and I am the umbrella

that fails to open.

So, I scrub my kitchen floor.

Brush bristles dig with my every swipe.

Ammonia burns my nostrils

and stings my eyes.

I push deeper and harder

trying to scrub away the cancer.

Fingers red and raw among the suds,

and still dirt is embedded in cracks,

my floor does not shine.

Everyone knows I am a sorry excuse

for a floor scrubber.


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