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The Dune’s Haiku

Tall among the shore grain by grain against water slowly wind transforms.

Tall among the shore
grain by grain against water
slowly wind transforms.

Guest post by DirtMan


When Bridges Fly

AP swinging bridge


Long is the bridge which connects worlds of time.

Short is the distance it takes to arrive.

We must look past the shadows

and be blinded by the light to see.

There is a point in which all things meet,

a space where the pulsing of life emerges

and all with wings soar.

The Royal One


Crown of flying flames,


he burns bridges in the sky


til’ feet hit the ground.



mill creek

Moss, leaves, grass, and trees

share the water, sun, and soil,

beating from one heart.


hop fields at Blue Mountain Barrell House

Aglow in warmth,


love spreads across the mountain


in a goodnight kiss.


The Old Couple

old house and tree in Smithfield


It’s been so long they

forgot who came first.

Outliving family after family

has its downfalls…You

learn to live on memories

of spirit, love, and laughter.

You come to depend on the

one who has stood by your side.

Time echoes through the walls

as branches stretch for one last hug.

While We Still Can

Star trails cut by contrails

The mountains reach for the stars

And the stars live among the heavens

Neither touches us, except perhaps our hearts

Each of us caring and sharing,

Some too much, some not enough,

All the while we’re reaching for those same stars,

And they float above us, twinkling, almost mocking us

As they burn off, shooting into the night

And they seem to be telling us to stop this reaching,

This grasping for touch, and to just do it, grab hold

And soar into the dark of night

Before it is too late

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