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The River

Swift and Impetuous

Never running empty

Ravaging the banks

And flooding the valleys

Watermark and scattered debris,

The only visible evidence of indiscretion

Souls deluged by the hurricane

Of an insatiable man, resting his case on freedom,

Will build jetties around their hearts

Prompt: Free(dom)


I slide into darkness

And wear it like a glove

Finger by finger

It melds into my soul

Until my heart does not exist

And I stop reaching for the light

I cling to the shadows for comfort

Knowing it is all that is left of me

And I am afraid of the dark

Prompt is “meld”.

Taking A Step Back

Taking a step back

In time to wonder

How we got here from there

And where we will go from here

Taking a step back

In time to wonder

How we did what we dared

And how we trudged through fear

Taking a step back

In time to wonder

How we went against the norm

And surpassed time and space

Taking a step back

In time to wonder

How we were perfectly formed

To live this day in this place

 Prompt is “Pause”.

Fancy This


You and me

A duo, A pair

So simple, the two of us

We love deeply and we live fully

We give and we take and compromise

Can you fancy this? No trickery, no lies,

No glitter, sequins, or flashing neon lights

No billboards or skywriting declarations

Wrap it in a bow and tie it if you must

Still, no sugar coated words will ever

 cross these lips of mine to yours

Nothing less than the best

Pure, sweet, and honest

Truth from me to

You, the one

That I love



Prompt is “Fancy”.

Simplicity Of Grace


Grace is

Ease of breath from my chest

When I am with you

Our bodies entwined at rest

Until the morning dew


 Grace is

Fine pencil mark between

The candle and the flame

Truth of what was unseen

But in the light became


 Grace is


Smoothness of words dancing

from the curve of your lips

Miracles of per chancing

Out of thin air rips

Grace is

The assistance and push

Of a V formation of birds in flight

The solitude and hush

That comes in the middle of night

Grace is

From an oyster with an irritant

A lustrous pearl is formed

And knowing one can be content

Stripped and unadorned


Grace is

The nod of the sunflower’s head

To the glorious sun

And the turn of his bed

When the day is done

 Prompt is “Grace”

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