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Time Travelers

night sky over beach bonfire

Silver threads of night

entangle the sky in stars.

Time travels lightly.


Nocturnal Adventures

Valentine Sky 003

Tree limbs climb the stars

while hugging tight to the earth,

connecting our worlds

When The Sun Goes Down

Dusk 010

Within ink stained nights

Dreams travel on peony clouds

While tall pines whisper

Secrets into warm winds

Which wrap up like a blanket

And rock us to sleep

Pearl of the Night

She pulls her cloak over her shoulders

as she strolls through the night

She clutches the diamond choker from her throat

and tosses it upon the pearled carpet

inviting weary travelers to her celestial mansion

Moonlit Night

Over the mountains

It peeks through the trees at me

Helping me to see

Far above this earth

It peeks through the trees at me

Flaunting it is free

Moon travels the sky

Skirting over hill and tree

Looking down at me

Beneath a Slivered Moon

Waxing or waning?

Of what importance is it

when cresent moon speaks?

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