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The Manner in which Mountains Speak


I’ve been standing a long time. I get tired.
I grumble, and sometimes I shift my weight.
Mostly, I am not heard. But I’m here to
Tell you I once roamed the bottom of the sea.
I saw the sun glistening through the water.
So I reached and pulled and I rose above the waves
Of all stirring around me. Now and then,
I create uproar. I spit fire and slip
My clothes into the valley. I protest naked until
Every bit of venom is poured out. Layer
Upon layer I build myself back up. You
Can see the bulk of history within my thighs.
You can see the crushing of my shoulders from the
Weight of the world. If you look deeply you
Will find the sparkly gems, castoff stardust
From the millions of years I’ve waltzed with the moon.

On Guard



Mountains snuggle the clouds

Like a fleece blanket

Wind tufts the dying grasses

To a slumber chamber for

The master of the fields

As his bones absorb

The chiming of fall

Mystical Morning



Clouds rolling over

Mountains as mist settles in

The valleys of time

In Awe

Over the mountains

fog rolls into the heavens

of mighty wonder

Through Mountains

relatively small
we live within the vastness
still we make our mark

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