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The Secret of Night

Stars twinkle and dance to the tune of river song as Luna smiles on.

Stars twinkle and dance
to the tune of river song
as Luna smiles on.


Tis In The Darkness

moon 001

Tis in the darkness I see best, those fine lines

Which lay upon my heart and wrinkle my skin.

Tis in the darkness, fog rises

Thicker than tree trunks,

And stronger than wind.

Tis in the darkness, I hear

The song of my soul. Like the cardinal

To his mate, I sing

Hoping to find myself.

As The Eve Rolls In

Luna blows a kiss

Unlit lamps blend into sea

All ride into night

Pearl of the Night

She pulls her cloak over her shoulders

as she strolls through the night

She clutches the diamond choker from her throat

and tosses it upon the pearled carpet

inviting weary travelers to her celestial mansion

In the Hush of the Night

Neither of us speak

I see you and you see me

We watch in silence

Moonlit Night

Over the mountains

It peeks through the trees at me

Helping me to see

Far above this earth

It peeks through the trees at me

Flaunting it is free

Moon travels the sky

Skirting over hill and tree

Looking down at me

Celestial Watercolor

Scribbling Spiritual Sand: “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.” Psalm 19:1

So tiny it appears, as it peaks through the trees

yet it controls the tides of the seas.

And greater yet is He who controls the moon,

the wind , the sand, and the dune…

As clouds drift by on their way

to greet the dawn of another day,

may each of us drop to our  knees

giving thanks to this divine display.

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