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Fueling The Fire


Heaviness of crimson tears

Wrench the thinker to pieces

A scorch to the heart

A torch to the soul

The turning and clashing

When burning with passion

Unleashing the fury

Of a glass half full


Mind Games

tangled and twisted

will they ever let me go

these thoughts in my head


obsessions rule me

sometimes I am blindsided

mind takes over me


tell me where to go

and what I should be doing

I do not exist


straighten and pull me

smooth out the lines of my life

help me find myself


shooting forth in space

I want to find my own stars,

taste the dark of night


to bend is to grow

overcrowding stifles me

give me room to live

Mind Storm

Looking through a haze,

do we see what’s really there?

Are we in a daze?

Things get distorted,

they aren’t always as they seem.

Vision contorted.

Eyes are tricky tools,

showing us things that aren’t there.

Makes us into fools.


gone wild inside our heads,

our own creation.

When the fog fades out

the monsters run for cover.

We are left in doubt.

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