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The Great Mystery


My feet pointing to the ground,

my hands reaching for the sky,

as I came to be, and the old

thoughts traveled with me.

I drifted into dreams,

wrote myself in a song,

and danced into life.

There was no mystery;

it was the way.

I was born living this thread

connecting you and me.

I have not forgotten.

Have you?

I was not born of silence.

My tongue, forbidden to

speak the language of my heart

became twisted, my words obsolete.

Those sacred utterances were buried

beneath the grit and grain of lineage.

I plucked my medicine from

the earth and healed myself.

I carry no gifts. I walk in truth,

the way in which we’ve forgotten.

I’ll tell you my story.

You tell me yours.

We’ll pray, chant, sing, and dance.

I remember.

Do you?

I was born of flint,

forager of food,

and fueler of fire.

I dowsed the land for water.

I dowsed my soul for wisdom.

Both run deep.

I am the caretaker of land and spirit.

I run deep.

I claim what has been denied me.

I claim I AM.

Do you?




When the voice rises to throat

and hands mix elixirs to heal,

I know from whom I have come

and wear this legacy as a seal.


I wonder if the chance remote

for purpose to travel the blood

of generations of the chosen some

who learn to swim in the midst of flood.


The space beneath the cardinal’s wing

melds into endless indigo skies

of heavens and worlds between

the rising notes of life’s reprise.


And that underground spring,

always flowing though no one sees,

swishes like a heartbeat between

time and spirit of you and me.

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