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Summer Storm Serenade

tree limbs hummed and strummed

a forgotten melody

while leaves jitterbugged to and fro

 ever fresh scent of reckoning

clouds clapped and tapped

begging for more

encore encore

a rumble and the sun hid behind

the power of clouds as

lightening zapped midair

and a chill prickled my arms

pitter patter splat splat

rain joined the symphony of wind

lightening struck a final chord

no encore tonight

dancers bowed and bid goodnight

drip drop the curtain fell

all drifted into the lull of dark

flowered and empowered

they slept til morn

Tornado Warning


Wind grumbles and roars

Lights flashes through the trees

Clouds explode through the sky

Earth points her trembling finger

She taps her foot and waves her arms

and shouts “Do you hear me?”

We cringe in shame

as vibrations rise through our bones

The high pitch whistle tweaks our ears

Our eyes squint from the overwhelming light

We jump in fear at every boom

and run for cover from her tirade

Like a mother functioning on her one last nerve,

She collapses as it hits her all at once

She calms, relents, and offers a forgiving hug

And there is nothing left but her tears

as she tucks us into a heavenly slumber

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