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You Are…

You are the deep chamber of thought in which I dive

You are the good of mankind for which I strive

You are the breath of my sacred I take in each day

You are the north on my compass that points my way

You are all things before, after, and in between

You’re all I’ve ever known and all I’ve never seen

You are the Sun Coral that brightens the heart of my seas

You are the circle of love that brings me to my knees

You are the one for which I longed before I even knew

You are the answer when I have not the slightest clue

You are the one for whom I was most perfectly made

You are in my times of uncertainty, my stone of jade

You are the spark that lights the caverns of my soul

You’re the intricate puzzle piece that makes me whole

You are rivers swift and mountains steep, combined

You are the most intimate of my essence, sublimed


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