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No Words


There are no words to attach

to pain that scrapes you from the inside out,

and places what you’ve trusted in doubt.

There are no words to describe

when you don’t know how you feel,

and little in this world seems real.

There are no words to ease

the bumps along your road,

or the heaviness of your load.

There are no words to clarify

the things we can not understand,

so please just offer me your hand.

And when there are no words,

the gift of silent support can be best

while the weak and weary rest.


The Floor

Cancer ravages your body

like pounding rain,

and I am the umbrella

that fails to open.

So, I scrub my kitchen floor.

Brush bristles dig with my every swipe.

Ammonia burns my nostrils

and stings my eyes.

I push deeper and harder

trying to scrub away the cancer.

Fingers red and raw among the suds,

and still dirt is embedded in cracks,

my floor does not shine.

Everyone knows I am a sorry excuse

for a floor scrubber.


My Boy Blue


In a hurry, you dart in and out

like the minnows in your fishing bucket

You can never just be,

always have to cast that line

as far as your arm can reach

from the edge of the river bank

You always hook us with laughter

from your sideline of wisecracks

And so you love and you give

with a heart bigger than the sun

Your spirit of adventure,

your quest to live,

dances in your devilish grin

and twinkles through your blues

It’s always been your eyes,

could be their bright color

or that tinge of sadness that lingers,

But always you’ll be my boy blue

Time only allows us but a while

to collect the rocks of memory

I reach into murky waters

and grab all that I find

I toss them with the minnows

darting in and out of my heart,

nibbling away at me

Hold tightly to that line, my brother,

and fight with all you can muster

No matter how swift the water runs,

 it’ll always take you home

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