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Is This Not Enough?

I hear the familiar ringing of Christmas bells,

partake in cedar, cinnamon, and holiday smells,

while I bask in the warmness where love dwells.

Is this not enough to bring me to my knees?

There are people in this world with little to eat.

There are children with no shoes on their feet.

There are homeless in my sleeping on the street.

Is this not enough to bring me to my knees?

Can I shove a few dollars to say that I care?

My problems are small, nothing to compare,

yet I sometimes think my own life unfair.

Is this not enough to bring me to my knees?

It will take more than the words that I say.

It will take action on my part some day.

I can make a difference in some small way.

Is this not enough to bring me to my knees to pray?

The Sower

The Sower – Vincent Van Gogh

He tossed seeds day and night

Everywhere he went, to all he met

Never accusing them wrong or right

He gave freely, never incurring debt


Yet, his seed packet never emptied

He always managed to pull more out

Those who had it all, he never envied

He just did good, never seeking clout


Many a day he pat a stray dog’s head

and listened to frustrations of a friend

He took time with family to break the bread

His tools or labor to all he would lend


He offered car rides to those who needed

And smiled at the children in the park

He gave a handshake or hug to all he greeted

And worked at home well into the dark


He gave money to the homeless on the street

And encouraged those whose spirits were down

He was a man who never accepted defeat

And upon his face was never once a frown


Everywhere perchance he dropped a seed

Blossoms of all colors began to grow

Whether it kindness or honesty in need

Love took root wherever he sowed


When I was a young girl,

I wondered what the world could offer me.

I dreamed and ventured forward

Thinking about what I could get not give.

I looked in the mirror

And all I saw looking back was me.

It was me showing imperfections only skin deep,

Reflections of nothing more than my appearance.

The image was all about me, nothing more.

Somewhere along my journey I stumbled

A time or two, and when I did I noticed

The world looking back at me.

It looked at me with pleading eyes

Wondering what I might choose to give.

Though I still falter and I fall,

I try to reach out and touch the world

In one small way or another.

Life seems to be baby steps for me.

But baby steps lead to giant leaps,

And maybe someday I’ll make a difference.

I hope someday to look upon the waters

Of my life and see colors of the rainbow

Reflecting those I touched by offering me.

Easing The Burdens


Doesn’t expect

A medal of honor

Doesn’t brag

But gives his time

Aides the elderly

Donates to the poor

Gives a stranger a bite to eat

Takes a neighbor to the store

Wipes a tear from a child’s eye

Gives a hug when someone is sad

Altruism cares and loves and gives

Demands nothing in return

Gives from goodness of heart

And doesn’t tell the tale

Altruism reflects a rightful soul

Has an attitude of selflessness

Believes in the goodness of mankind

Acts on behalf of others

Feels good at the end of the day

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