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The Process

A single thread weaves the light

piercing darkness and opening the night.

Shivering bones cannot sleep while in wait.

We are but minnows on the line, simply bait.

Time and worry etch lines across our faces

as we force our hearts into empty spaces.

Blood weeps in pain. We regain.

Sun always returns after the rain.

Sideways Thinking

Explanations go round and round

Like a circular saw

Blade cutting through matter

Over and over

Until it doesn’t matter anymore

Dust flies, covering our souls

Slowly suffocating, we rise enough

To poke a hole for breath

Sideways thinking doesn’t always mesh

But it sands us into a temporary place

We adhere and shine like lacquer,

Tough enough to take life’s punches

As we whittle the days away

As Memory Returns

Brain speaks backwards

Smacking intention into the air

Frustration rears its ugly head

Brushes scrub furiously

While paste floats out to sea

Memory rides the roller-coaster

Dipping, turning, climbing…

We must remember

Breath is the gift

While time taps its drum


Flickering like a flame in the wind,
it dances before our eyes
and flutters across our hearts.
We can’t quite grasp it,
yet we can never let it go.
It’s a warm breath on a crispy morning.
It’s the cool breeze on a smoldering day.
It seeps in like needed rain
into the crevices of dry cracked earth.
Evasive and fleeting, at times,
it scoots in and out of the shadows.
It fills us and sustains us for the moment.
It seems we are always standing
on the edge of hope.

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