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The journey is worth

an arduous climb to view

the beauty of life.

This Moment


Suspended in time,

a pause in the breath of life

while the heart beats on.

Love Song

Oriental, NC 105

Wind knocks at my door.

I turn and walk away as

if no one is home.

Our chests beat like drums.

Neither of us know the words,

but we play the tune.

Closing the Chasm

bridges and nature 044

Bridges cross divides,

 joining worlds once set apart,

making dreams come true.

Open hearts and hands

build bridges across the world;

help make dreams come true.

Make it Count

heart stone

Love and compassion,

let it  get under your skin;

be reckoned with life.

Time in a Bottle


Freedom, containment…

the ironies of life in

which we thirst and thrive.

The Ride


Dreams swing in the breeze.

Ride it like a kite with your

fingers holding tight.

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