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What Feeds You?


Scallops of decay

Cling and thrive on dead matter

Like town gossipers



Words scratch like a cat at the door
and leave a lingering sting like nettle.
Though she knows they aren’t true,
she wonders if others think they were.
After all, teenage girls live by the words of others.
Teenage girls gossip and sling untruths
like boys sling rubber bands and spitballs,
and no one is the better for any of it.
The one left out hangs her head low.
Her face reddens among the whispers
as she always thinks it’s about her.
Lies. Exclusion. Whispers.
Cliques are all about them.
The ones who do it?
They live in fear.
Fear of becoming the one
who is lied and whispered about,
the one who is left out.
And still, teenage girls live by the words of others

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