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In Awe

Over the mountains

fog rolls into the heavens

of mighty wonder

When The Fog Comes Rolling In

When the fog comes rolling in

And seeps into the pores of your life

And settles in the marrow of your bones

When the clarity of yesterday’s dreams

Has turned into a stupor of tomorrows gone by

And you have no idea where to go from here

When the chill of the mourning mist

Freezes any hope of freedom from yourself

And forgiveness lives in a land far away

When the silence echoes in a barrel of time

That has been tossed into an untamed sea

Of memory, regret, and dead courage

When peace becomes a political concept

Between the soul of uncertainty

And a mind of misinterpreted intentions

When you have dowsed so deep

You’re swept into underground river rapids

Without a paddle, float, or even a plan

When you can’t see your hand in front of you

And you’ve forgotten your own name

And you need a map to find your way home

Reach through the swollen nothingness

And grab the switch, that flicker of Light,

That frees your spirit every time

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