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This Day

Beebalm 008

Fly by wings of sun

To places bursting with joy

Feel the warmth of love


Fragile angel wings

Rain-splattered against the bush

Lifting for the light

What It Gives


Poking through the leaves

shines a vine tangled target

waiting to be used

a straw for suckers

searching for daily sugar

in a tasteless world

Petunia is not a pig.

Fleeting and fragile as a snowflake,

Petunia wears a tutu of innocence

She smiles a golden ray of sunshine

as she dances from the inside out.

She holds you in her childish spell

until the scalloped edge of youth wears out.

When her sun no longer shines,

she simply folds her skirts and bows her head.

A Ray Of Sunshine

Caught a ray of sun

Seized it tight within my fist

Held it to my heart

Was not mine to keep

Opened my hand to the sky

Passing it to you

Laid To Rest

from the vine it tore

cast unto the forest floor

trumpet blares no more


bright sun upon dust

withering to crimson rust

to die as we must

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