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Scraggly roots cling

while green tendrils grasp for sky.

The rock wears a quilted coat of moss.

I finger the softness of the womb

cradling the cold smooth stone.

Grey and green take flight like a bird

toward an old abandoned house.

Crash. Shatter. My arm freezes mid air.

Ripped like meat from bones,

moss hangs from a jagged edge of glass

…and the stone is lost

somewhere inside the neglected frame

of a rundown house.


A Life Passed By

Broad tree limbs laden with fear

Blocked the light escaping her soul

Valley of secrets, shamed to silence

Stifled and dying, never to be told

No yellow daffodil or purple iris

Will grace her garden to unfold

Strong, bitter winds beat her down

To an empty heart, hard and cold

No cleansing rains of life to sustain

The bones brittled weary and old

When the only thing she wanted

was someone to love and to hold

My entry for One Shot Wednesday.

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