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The Floor

Cancer ravages your body

like pounding rain,

and I am the umbrella

that fails to open.

So, I scrub my kitchen floor.

Brush bristles dig with my every swipe.

Ammonia burns my nostrils

and stings my eyes.

I push deeper and harder

trying to scrub away the cancer.

Fingers red and raw among the suds,

and still dirt is embedded in cracks,

my floor does not shine.

Everyone knows I am a sorry excuse

for a floor scrubber.


Dancing On Angels Wings

Daddy’s drinking. Mama’s crying.

The child is praying for a world outside.

She just wants a way to escape

to find a safe place to hide.


Daddy slams the whiskey down

while Mama glances at the door.

The little girl runs to her bedroom

as she’s done many nights before.


Daddy’s swearing. Mama’s trembling.

The child wipes a tear from her eye.

Beneath her castle of covers

she feels like she is going to die.


Daddy kicks the dining room wall.

Mama takes off her wedding rings.

And the little girl became a princess

who dances on top of angels wings.


Daddy pours himself another glass,

and Mama slowly walks away.

The child is in a land of dreams

where she hopes she can stay.


Daddy’s head spins in thought.

The love in Mama’s heart is dying.

The child tries to hold it all inside,

these feelings she’s been denying


Daddy’s smoking. Mama’s cleaning

when the angels came for tea.

They take the child far away,

but she knows she won’t be free.


Daddy’s raging. Mama’s praying.

And the princess is flying high.

Daddy starts to settle down,

and Mama lets out a deep sigh.


Daddy’s drinking. Mama’s crying.

All are trapped by his disease.

So the child dances on angels wings,

living in a world of make believe.

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