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Desert Flower


You do not have to know everything.

You do not need to stay up late studying existence

Until your eyes water and your heart bleeds.

You only have to know your soul; to heal the wounded marrow

Of your bones, to sing the song in your heart, and to walk

The journey of a thousand dreams meant for you.

Tell me about life, yours, and I will tell you mine.

Meanwhile our hearts continue to beat.

Meanwhile the clouds shed tears across the desert,

Crying for the barren, the lonely, and the thirsty.

Meanwhile the tangerine petals of the Mariposa Lily drink

The sacred juice it knows exists to quench its soul.

So you, when you feel unimportant, looked over,

Remember Holy water runs through your veins

And the world is waiting for you to unfurl your petals

Beneath a shining sky.


****This was written as an exercise based on Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese”


With all his prickliness

He rolls into town

His callous hands grab

The first stinging heart

Though she’d suffered

Life with a barren man

And her stifled tears trickled

like blood through her veins

She hadn’t danced the agony

Of a wasteland that erupts beneath smiles

Until the stinging was over

And the marrow of her very bones

Was sucked dry as the sandstone

Eroding her soul

Until she withered

And snapped from her roots

Her cries echo through the canyons

As she now rolls

Into the desert of her life

Prompt is “echoes”.

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