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In The Shadows

Rainy Split Rock Weekend 399


Darkness descends like rain

in the forest, cold and penetrating.

Wet leaves cling and weigh the soul

until it disappears into crevices

where life does not exist.

When one no longer sees,

does sun filter through the

branches to warm the heart?


Tis In The Darkness

moon 001

Tis in the darkness I see best, those fine lines

Which lay upon my heart and wrinkle my skin.

Tis in the darkness, fog rises

Thicker than tree trunks,

And stronger than wind.

Tis in the darkness, I hear

The song of my soul. Like the cardinal

To his mate, I sing

Hoping to find myself.

Moonlit Night

Over the mountains

It peeks through the trees at me

Helping me to see

Far above this earth

It peeks through the trees at me

Flaunting it is free

Moon travels the sky

Skirting over hill and tree

Looking down at me

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