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The Quake

creek off Pagan River in Smithfield


Rocks roll from the mountains,

moist with rebirth.

Hard, cold, and purposeful,

they carve a path through

a forest of resistance and fear.


Some days my words catch

in thickets of time as the pen

never touches paper and my thoughts

continue to spill into the ocean

like spent streams of raindrops.


My legs quiver as quartz tumbles

beneath my feet and we slide

against tree trunks ripping earth

from its roots to form

a world of our own.

Fueling The Fire


Heaviness of crimson tears

Wrench the thinker to pieces

A scorch to the heart

A torch to the soul

The turning and clashing

When burning with passion

Unleashing the fury

Of a glass half full

Riding The Current

In times of turbulence

we sometimes find ourselves hanging tightly,

still riding the current of yesterday’s dreams

bumping our way through dark woods

and barely skimming the valleys of indecision

Know that clouds will drop fresh rain upon us

and the sun will sprout seeds in arid soil

By simply catching the tailwind of hope

we can take flight on the wings of tomorrow

The Process

Van Gogh painting

Springing and ringing from the belly

this chaos, turning and churning

Emerging and curving from the void

rising and falling, coming forth and stalling

transfixed in awe, we wait it out

twisting and turning, smoldering and burning

chiseled, tap by tap

formed, ridge by gap

written, word by word,

taking shape until it is heard

painted, stroke by stroke,

almost evolved from smoke

and so it is pieced to completion,

this beast of the belly,

this work of art

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