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Sacred connection Made not by intervention One just needs to be

Sacred connection
Made not by intervention
One just needs to be





As water whispers

ancient secrets to the stones,

tree ghosts hold vigil.

When Bridges Fly

AP swinging bridge


Long is the bridge which connects worlds of time.

Short is the distance it takes to arrive.

We must look past the shadows

and be blinded by the light to see.

There is a point in which all things meet,

a space where the pulsing of life emerges

and all with wings soar.


Celebration of Life 326


From the plush green vine

fire shoots like a rocket

in search of new worlds

while we orbit the

stirrings of our moody hearts.

Sun filters through woods

of preset notions.

We thrust from the forest floor,

claiming what it ours.


canoe, Lynnhaven creek 019

From what never was

to a time never to be

rest eternity

from the depth of soul

to crests of forming ripples

we are touched by love

In The Recess

From rusted splinters of familiarity

into clouds of hesitation,

we drift, fall, and rise again.

Forever shaping life and limb,

we journey through vapors of love and loss.

Breath and time dangle in suspension.

At the moment of connection,

we live in the pause.

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