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Nature’s Waltz

IMG_0845 2

Eyes of clouded skies

follow our footsteps and blow

 kisses to our souls.


The sun was shining but then the bottom fell out and she told us off.

The sun was shining
but then the bottom fell out
and she told us off.

On Guard



Mountains snuggle the clouds

Like a fleece blanket

Wind tufts the dying grasses

To a slumber chamber for

The master of the fields

As his bones absorb

The chiming of fall



Tassels stretch to reach

an azure sky of rolling

clouds which briefly meet.


Breakfast Smithfield 12-12 005


Cotton candy clouds

dance high above the tree tops,

bowing to the night.

Mystical Morning



Clouds rolling over

Mountains as mist settles in

The valleys of time

Mother Of Blue

delphenium 004

On the hem of clouds

Mother Sky guides her children

from bath to cradle.

Children Of The Sky



Ripping through the sky

like angry little children

running through the house,

clouds will have their way

until the tantrum is done.

Then it’s time to play.

Cloudy Skies

Tunnels, funnels, waves and caves

Drifting and sifting high in the sky

Patches that loom and hover

burst and make us run for cover

water that cleanses and sustains

as we dance beneath the rains


A robin soars high

Over trees, among the clouds

Into endless skies

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