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Full Circle

Just a little nut

dreams of spreading far and wide

roots deep in the ground

and hands to the sky

the mighty oak emerges

acorns drop like flees

When Time Stood Still

When time stood still

Wind still whistled through the pines

Clouds floated through the sky

And the scent of lilac wafted in the air

When time stood still

Rivers flowed within confines

Baby birds learned to fly

And I still cared

When time stood still

All the things life defines

Continued to bloom, continued to die;

Above all, love dared

Life Canvas

We etch our sketch

deep into the heart of the wood.

Ring by ring we form

our tree of life.

Roots dug deep in the dirt,

we reach our arms to the sky,

grasping at dreams,

painting our self portraits,

embracing and rejoicing our domain,

until we come full circle.

As time topples us, we remain as compost,

nurturing, sustaining, guiding

as silent echoes deep within this earth.

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