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Though I am not transparent

I come from the deep

From beneath the weight

Of tons of all that is hard

Not recognized for my luster

My resilience is commendable

For I am no one’s imitation

A cubic zirconia, I am not

I am my own diamond

Rough, unpolished, raw

I am not shiny, nor pretty

But I am real

previously published on One Stop Poetry, feautured for One Shot Wednesday


Lost Souls

Howling into obscurity,

they scrounge for scraps.

If nothing is leftover,

they rip the flesh from your bones.

They devour you by bits and pieces

until they mimic your very being.

Their own truths flicker for recognition

in the dark valleys of their souls.

As they draw your smile upon their faces

and trample in your well worn, dusty boots,

you will hear the growls of suffocated reality

that wrestle to escape in every breath.

Though they continue to sniff you out

and run on the tail of your dreams,

you need not lick the wounds of freedom.

Skeletons of lost souls

never see the light of day.

Your truths ride in on the rising sun

and etch the canyon walls

like ancient secrets.

The Great Masquerade

The Great Masquerade Ball of all time

It’s here today, on a street called life

Do you have a ticket?

What shall you wear?

There are tons of designer labels to hide

The insecurities of daily living

And don’t forget you can always lurk

Beneath a tough exterior

Or a façade of power and importance

Or you can come as you are,

No mask, no disguise,

Just a humble expression of being

A creation of love and possibility

And see what happens

When the clock strikes twelve

 Prompt is “masquerade”.

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