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A sassy scarlet bloom, she was born,

quick to unfurl, and too easily torn.

She rode life hard wearing leather and boasting scars.

She danced under the moon counting the stars.

They called her a gypsy, a fallen queen,

with spirit wild and her ball gown gleaned.

She braved the rain, the wind, and the sun.

Paled to gold when her final day was done,

She was more beautiful than when she had begun.

She lay in rest upon a bed of dead pine,

her petals and crown, an intricate design

of cycle and season, yours and mine.

A Flowering


Love blurs the edges.

It softens and curls our lives

to fold together.

As you hold my heart,

It beats within your flesh and

I fade into you.

Spring Meteor


Shooting stars flower,

an ultimate bonus for

traveling the line.

Doing The Necessary


Sticking your neck out

against the harsh winds of time

might result in bloom.

Winter’s Jewels


Ice diamonds drip as

the thin fingers of winter

skate into the spring.

Shhh…don’t tell!


Her yellow eye stared

as if I knew a secret

I wanted to share.

Purple tattered skirts

flowed about her hips, touching

green peasants below.

She was way early;

the ball is held in the spring.

That was my secret.

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