SuziCate's Musings

Star Child

Oak Ridge tree and stars, no editing

They say I was born of stardust.

They say they saw a star explode;

Fire streaking across the sky, its

Ash sprinkling along the river’s roar.

The elders say they saw my body form

As bones of earth rose from its depth.

They say they heard the river’s pulse

As it rose and jumped into my chest.

They say the streams of time flowed

Through the veins of moonlit wonder.

They say ancient rocks of the riverbed

Whispered secrets to my soul.

They say I was not meant to be confined,

I needed space only the heavens could provide.

They say each night my body thrashed

In burning pain as my wings touched

Upon the stars in spirit’s flight.

They say I climbed the mountain’s cry,

But did not return and they know why.

The wise ones say I did not fall nor did I die

For they watched me as I soared into the sky.

All I know is it is not dark from where

I watch my people gather at water’s edge,

Sipping life beneath my reflection.


Comments on: "Star Child" (2)

  1. Such depth in your work and thoughts.

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